Bergen Afro Arts Festival is an artist-driven platform created by Simba Arts to celebrate cultural diversity and offer a voice to minority populations in Bergen, Norway in 7 days. This ethno-arts festival seeks to mobilize and engage people of different nationalities in positive social actions through popular culture. It uses the energy and power of dance and music to bring about social transformation and development. Through this initiative, communities and young people are encouraged to be pluri-versatile, embracing and celebrating diversity in its different forms.

"BAAF is not just an ordinary neither is it a commercial festival to entertain people, rather it is a way of life and a place to explore unlimited taste Afro arts & cultures at first hand from around the African Diaspora & straight out from the mother continent".- Simba (The Chief Creative Officer & Curator/Founder)



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Østre Nesttunvei 18, 5221 Bergen, Hordaland

afroartsfest@gmail.com  |  Tel: +47 9682 6995

Marte Mjøs Persen , Mayor of Bergen City in Norway 

My goal is for Bergen to continue to be a city with room for everyone. I hope for and work for a Bergen that is inclusive and open, with room for different perspectives on life, but that in the end we can all share the value of Ubuntu: “I am because.”


BAAF (Bergen Afro Arts Festival) plays an important role in promoting collaboration and integration. I firmly believe that it is a valuable resource for our city to have so many people with different nationalities and different backgrounds living in Bergen. 


Regardless of where you are from, Bergen shall be lucky if you consider our city as “home.

@BAAF 2016

Sindre Saetre, Rådgiver| Fagavdeling kunst og kulturutvikling

"Meetings with other cultural traditions makes important impulses in Bergen art and culture scene and but also to the city's inhabitants and contribute to the develop the city sense of community and society. Bergen Afro Arts Festival is built on a larger stand on these cultural meetings and gives us an exciting pick into African arts and culture.

Here we are met with the Ubuntu philosophy, teachings in life, arts and the wish to transmit this view of life and tradition to new generations.The city of Bergen is passionate about the art and the cultures role as important arena for education, participation and communion-ship therefore festivals as this which inspires and engage the young are so important".

@ BAAF 2019

Sølve Sætre, Bergen kommune-spesialrådgiver

"Diversity is not a threat in Bergen"

@ BAAF 2014

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